Hip Hop and Breakdance

Ages 6 & Up

Our Hip Hop and Breakdance classes are a 1 hour class where students will receive instruction with emphasis on various modern styles of hip hop and breakdance (think of the background dancers in music videos). The Breakdance class is for boys only – even the teacher is a boy. Our Hip Hop classes are for both girls and boys.  Students will learn basic dance movements and skills while gaining knowledge of dance terminology in an upbeat fun atmosphere. Students will begin with a warm up, learn skills and technique in the center, across the floor and finish class by working on a routine or short combination.  Students will participate in the recital. For more information on recital, visit our “recital information” page.

What to Wear
Hip Hop students need to wear sneakers with comfortable clothing. Sweats are great. NO JEANS ALLOWED.