Children’s Dance

For ages 3 – 5 years old, Pre-School – Kindergarten

Children’s Dance is a 45 minute class where students receive basic dance instruction with emphasis on coordination, rhythm and timing.  The first third of class is Tap.  The remainder of class is dedicated to Ballet and Creative Movement.  They learn basic dance steps; develop rhythm, timing and coordination while working on their large motor skills.  Music, Movements, Costumes and Choreography are age appropriate and modest. This is a very fun and creative class.  Children are taught in a positive atmosphere with a ballet-based syllabus. Students will participate in the end of year recital.  For more informtion on the recital, visit our “recital information” page.

Due to the difference in development both physically and mentally we offer Children’s Dance (CD) I, II, and III classes according to age.  This allows us to focus more in depth with each age group and teach them at their appropriate level.  Children’s Dance I is for 3 year olds who are Pre-Preschoolers or those who will go to Kindergarten in 2 years.  Children’s Dance II is for 4 year olds who may be in Pre-School and have only 1 year until Kindergarten and Children’s Dance III is for Kindergarteners.

What to Wear
Children’s Dance students need to wear Tap Shoes and any color Leotard.  If they wear tights they need to be footless or stir-up tights so they can go bare foot after the tap portion of class.  Please bring a bag to put your tap shoes in after tap.  This will help students stay organized.  It is a good idea to put names in or on tap shoes and bags.