We would LOVE to have you on one of our teams!  



Cheer Programs

  • Recreational (rec) Cheer: Classes are once a week for 1 hr with no competitions. It is recommended but not required that you also take a tumbling class.
  • SKY Cheerleaders:  Classes are twice a week for 1 hour. Team members are also required to take 1 level-appropriate tumbling class per week. SKY Cheer attends between 5-6 competition/performances per year.

These teams perform at a Festival of Trees, a Weber State basketball game, a nursing home and 2 competitions in the spring-time as well as at our end-of-year recital.  More information about the recital can be found on the “recital information” page of our website.

The Cheer Teams are a lot of fun and allow students to perform a little more throughout the year.  Our competition attitude is very healthy.  We concentrate on technique and showmanship in a fun positive atmosphere.  We  want the students to do their best, improve and have fun!

If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please call to make a appointment for evaluation or attend team placement day.

What to Wear: Cheerleaders are required to wear a form-fitting shirt with leggings or shorts with NO POCKETS! No bare midriffs are allowed. If your child has cheer shoes, please bring them. If not, we will be making a cheer-shoe order in October.