The goal of our ballet program is to help each student really learn proper technique and terminology in an atmosphere that is supportive and addresses individual needs. Students who seem to excel and really enjoy ballet generally have a certain personality type. They enjoy rules, order, perfection and love to work to achieve difficult tasks. They are usually better at math and science than really creative pursuits. See the class descriptions and guidelines below for correct level placement and the dress code for class.

What to Wear to Ballet Class:

  • Ballet Prep Classes: (Girls 4-7 years old) Any color solid leotard, footless, capri or convertible tights, pink leather ballet shoes. A  chiffon ballet skirt is optional.  Hair pulled back away from the face.  (Boys 4-7 years old) White fitted t-shirt, black tights, leggings, or above the knee shorts. Black Leather Ballet Shoes
  • Ballet I, II and III Classes :  (Girls 5 years old & up) Black leotards, pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair pull back away from the face in a braid, pony tail or a ballet bun.  (Boys 8 years old & up) White fiitted t-shirts, black tights, leggings, or shorts above the knee with black ballet shoes.

Ballet Classes: Pre-Kindergarten and Up

Students will receive classical ballet instruction with an emphasis on ballet technique and terminology. Students will participate in the recital. More information about the recital can be found on the “recital information” page of our website.

Age/Level Breakdown & What to Wear for Fall Classes:

Ballet Prep classes are geared towards younger students. They will promote musical awareness, provide opportunities for creative movement, and teach introductory ballet skills and concepts.

Ballet I – We offer both 45 minute and 1 hour versions of this class. This is the first year students will do a more classical outline of class with a longer barre, center and across-the-floor. Ages 5 – 10.

Ballet II  (1 hour, once per week) This class will build on Ballet I technique. Ballet I is not required but preferred as a prerequisite. Ages 6 – 12.

Ballet III   (1 hour 15 minutes, once per week). This class will build on Ballet II technique. Ballet II is not required but preferred as a prerequisite. Ages 8 – 18.